Upon a Death - What to do

What to do when someone diesWhen someone dies, it is a stressful and confusing time. All of a sudden many decisions and arrangements have to be made within a very short period, including several legal requirements and responsibilities.

If the death occurs at hospital, the ward's nursing staff will contact the next of kin and arrange a time for you to take away the deceased's possessions along with a Medical Certificate of Death. The body will be kept in the hospital mortuary until transport arrangements have been made by the funeral director.

When someone dies at home, first contact should be made with the family doctor, who after determining the cause of death will issue the Medical Certificate of Death and advise on what to do next.

If someone dies abroad, you should first contact the local police who will connect you with the nearest Irish Consulate, and from there arrangements can be made for burial or repatriation. A local death certificate will be issued and all regional laws and procedures must be followed.

If cause of death is sudden, unknown or suspicious, it will be referred to a coroner who will investigate the circumstances and cause of death, before issuing a certificate allowing the death to be registered.

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